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Ultimate Draft fantasy football draft kits

The UltimateDRAFT.com team has over 12 years of fantasy football experience. Ultimate Draft LLC was founded in early 2000s and is still owned and operated by its founding family.

The Ultimate Fantasy Football Draft Kit was designed as a solution to draft day headaches. For years league commissioners and owners would attempt to track picks manually (individual list instead of draft board). This caused numerous problems including the following:

  • Everyone was tracking players and teams separately, so lists were not consistent.
  • The draft took longer because of disputes and discussions regarding which player(s) were available.
  • Unattentive commissioners would allow illegal "double picks" of players (two teams drafting the same player).
Now we have a solution:

The Ultimate Fantasy Football Draft Kit. The kit allows everyone to track all picks at the same time. Now everyone can have a fun and more efficient draft day experience.

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